Welcome to AL.MA.LU Boutique, the fashion brand founded in Singapore in 2020 by italian celebrities fashion stylist and costume designer Martina Calabresi.

Designing handmade batik to create clothing for the modern lifestyle, Martina has captured the imagination of Singapore and the international retail market with its vibrant and iconic aesthetic across luxurious resort and occasion batik wear. Each piece is handcrafted in Italy, sourcing the batik craft from Indonesia. AL.MA.LU batik prints are hand-drawn. Thanks to Martina’s degree in "Accademia Costume e Moda" of Rome in couture embroidery, you may find amazing details applied on the batik, from silk ribbons to classic embroideries. Martina also carries her international experience across Europe, U.A.E and Asia, to inspire her handmade batik collections and unique pieces that are treasured by collectors in Singapore and abroad. AL.MA.LU is a Sustainable, Slow Fashion Brand with a Zero Waste emission.