Margaret Handmade Crochet Gipsy White Dress


Margaret is one of the classy female Irish gypsy baby names associated with several queens and saints. The name gained prominence due to Margaret Barry, Irish travellers and singer.



Our dynamic, handmade crochet Margaret handmade crochet gipsy white dress  moves beautifully with its lattice fringe hem - you'll be sure to stand out in the crowd with this gypsy gem! The peek-a-boo mesh is to die for, showing off just enough skin in all the right places. This would be an amazing wedding dress for a modern beach wedding!

- Margaret handmade crochet gipsy white dress
- Inspired by Gipsy Summer
- Summer wedding dress
- Beach wear
- White color with fringes
- Handmade crochet
- V neckline, frontside and backside



100% cotton

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