Miya Silk Batik Tulis Wrap Dress

“Miya”  means an illusion and sounds exotic and mystical in Sanskrit and its derivative Hindi. In Latin, it is meant to denote the word ‘great’. And on a spiritual note, Miya is a nice Japanese name meaning a temple, shrine or palace.




Taking the simple slip to the max, the Miya Hand Drawn Batik Tulis silk dress can be styled casually or for evening wear. Beautiful artworks inspired by Indonesian Batik Flowers and Japanese Kimono geometric patterns elevate this unique black silk. Featuring an alluring crossover v-neckline, mesmerising twist straps and detachable belt for styling and form, its flared long skirt offers breezy movements. This dress is a unique piece of art that can last forever in your wardrobe and is suitable for any kind of occasion! 

- Miya Silk Batik Tulis Wrap Dress
- Inspired by Japanese Kimonos
- Statement dress
- Casual or evening wear
- Black silk with colorful accents
- Hand Drawn Batik Tulis Silk
- V neckline

- Bias cut



100% Silk Batik Tulis

*please notice that every Batik Tulis is a piece unique and its value is based on the complexity of the artwork!

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