Anya Silk Batik Tulis Wrap Dress with Twist Straps


“Anya: This name means a girl who shines bright at night times giving light to others much like the Indian name Aaina meaning a mirror.”



Combining an enchanting floral print with a playful silhouette is the Anya Silk Batik Tulis Wrap Dress with Twist Straps. Teaming a fringe trim with hand drawn Batik Tulis black silk, it almost has a lingerie-like feel for a summer dress, evocating Charleston vintage style. Featuring an alluring crossover v-neckline, mesmerising twist straps and crossed belt for styling and form, its wrapped skirt offers breezy movements while hand made ALMALU fringe offers a layer of luxe. Styled with AL.MA.LU Made in Italy sandals for the perfect summer party outfit!

- Anya Silk Batik Tulis Wrap Dress with Twist Straps
- Inspired by Charleston vintage style
- Batik Tulis summer dress
- Relaxed wrap fit
- Black print with floral accents
- Hand Drawn Batik Tulis silk
- Fringe bottom embellishment
- Crossed waist
- V neckline


100% Batik tulis silk


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