Yasmin Turquoise Silk Batik Tulis Long Kimono


“Yasmin, this name is as fragrant as the flower it is named after.”


Slip into a soft summer day in a tropical garden with the Turquoise hand printed crepe silk batik Yasmin Kimono. Hand-printed florals on a soft crepe silk are reminiscent of tropical gardens found in the most hidden Indonesian islands. The loose sleeves and relaxed fit of this design are elevated by AL.MA.LU orange silk satin profiles. A versatile piece that can be teamed with a casual ensemble or layered with contrasting prints for a little more drama.

- Yasmin crepe silk batik tulis kimono 
- Inspired by a tropical Indonesian garden 
- Crepe silk batik tulis kimono  
- Flowery batik print
- Crepe silk batik tulis
- Silk orange embellishment  
- Relaxed fit
- Maxi length (136 cm full length)


100% Silk Batik Tulis


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