Monte Rosa Granny Square Crochet Balaclava


"Monte Rosa is a mountain massif in the eastern part of the Pennine Alps. It is between Italy's and Switzerland's. Monte Rosa is the second highest mountain in the Alps and western Europe, after Mont Blanc."



A return of the Granny style without a shadow of a doubt! The crochet tile of this hat is an unmistakable reminder of the 60s / 70s.
The soft and iridescent yarn in shades of orange, gray and pink, takes inspiration from the Monte Rosa massif.
Cheerful and easy to combine, this entirely handmade hat will be your wardrobe gem for the 21/22 winter season.

In the city or in the mountains it can be your must-have accessory for this winter 21/22!

- Monte Rosa Granny Square Crochet hat
- Wool Hat
- Relaxed fit
- Pink, gray and orange shades
- Vintage stile ‘60/‘70
- Handmade
- Granny Square handmade crochet technique


100% Baby wool

*please notice that every Crochet is a piece unique and its value is based on the complexity of the artwork!

If you like to order your jumper contact our fashion designer Martina by email:

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