Boccadasse Pink Batik Relaxed Dress


"Largely residential Boccadasse fans out from the former fishermen’s village, featuring pastel-colored houses with green shutters.

Ice cream shops and relaxed bars skirt the small pebble beach and harbor, while trattorias with al fresco tables prepare fish and Genoese specialties.

The terrace beside the Church of St. Anthony of Boccadasse offers views of the sea and the village."


Combining an enchanting floral batik print with a playful silhouette is the Boccadasse  relaxed dress with adjustable straps. Teaming a typical indonesian batik trim in the front side this dress can be easily worn for daily wear. Featuring an alluring v-neckline, its adjustable waist can give you breezy movements while hand made ALMALU details offer a layer of luxe.

Style it with AL.MA.LU Made in Italy sandals for the perfect summer look!

- Boccadasse Pink Batik Relaxed Dress
- Inspired by Boccadasse Italian Riviera village
- Printed Batik summer dress
- Relaxed wrap fit
- Pink print with floral accents
- Printed cotton Indonesian batik
- Adjustable waist
- V neckline



100% Printed Cotton Batik



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