Woman Red Skater Cheongsam


Taking inspiration from the iconic Chinese dress for women “Cheongsam”, also known as Qipao in Mandarin Chinese, our Creative Director Martina Calabresi created new designs!

Stylish, colorful and comfortable, they are entirely handmade with top quality soft fabric!

The often stylish and tight fitting Qipao, which is nowadays widely recognized, was historically created in 1920 in Shanghai.

Martina re-designed the classic Cheongsam silhouette creating a better fitting that will make you feel more comfy!

Martina designs highlight the iconic Mandarin collar with satin hand-sewed profiles and Chinese knot frog buttons. 
The dresses also have an invisible zip on the backside to make it easier to wear!

This "skater" skirt design is a very innovative style and it makes this dress totally unique.

If you'd like to choose a specific pattern for a tailor made design don’t hesitate to contact directly Martina at +6585918547


- Gently hand wash 

- Wash with same colours 

- No clothes dryer

- Iron on medium heat

- Do not iron over brand label or buttons


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