• Do you do customization?

AL.MA.LU Boutique offers customisation services.
Price varies according to type of customisation and batik chosen.

  • I found some coloured stains on the items, are those defects?

Our batik and clothing are all handmade. Occassionally wax residue from the batik making process can be found on the fabrics. These little spots can be gently removed.
Colorful markings may sometimes be found on the clothing but these are markings from the tailor's chalk which can be removed after wash.

  • How do I care for my Batik?

Hand wash your batik items gently in mid temperature water and gentle hand soap. For the first wash add a spoon of salt to maintain the colors.

It is common for batik to bleed excess dye and there's no way to differentiate which batik bleeds and which ones don't.

  • Do you restock sold items?

If an item or size is listed as sold out you can drop us an email to check for restock possibilities. However, due to the limited availability of handmade batik, most times, our sold out items will not be back again.