AL.MA.LU by Martina Calabresi is a Sustainable, Slow Fashion Brand with a Zero Waste mission launched in Singapore in January 2020 and based in Italy.

Each piece is designed and made to order by Martina. Her goal is to bring awareness on the impact the fashion industry has on the environment and give back to communities around the world, all while creating quality clothing made to last that make you and the planet a better place.


AL.MA.LU hand printed silk batik orange caftan 

Martina Calabresi, founder of AL.MA.LU, was born in Genoa, Italy.

She grew up watching her grandma sewing for the family clothing business and also observing the great love for fashion her aunts had while working textiles and colorful cashmere yarns in their studio.

Martina completed her studies in graphic design and fashion in Milan and Barcelona, and she later moved to Rome to take a specialization in embroidery at “Accademia del Costume”. She has 15 years of experience in the fashion industry as fashion stylist and costume designer, collaborating with the world top designer brands from all over the world and taking personally care of several celebrities (she chose their outfits for TV shows, red carpets, concerts, video clips, editorial photo-shoots, events and interviews).

In 2015 Martina gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Alma.

At the end of the same year, she decided to start her own blog called My Baby Alma. The aim of this blog was to narrate stories about travels and fashion from the point of view of an entrepreneur and globetrotter single mum.

In 2018 Martina moved to Singapore, a country that not only became her home, but also gave her inspiration for a new artistic expression.

In January 2020 in the middle of the Pandemic Martina launched her own fashion brand: AL.MA.LU. In few weeks her fashion face masks were shipped all over the world (more than 12 countries!) and featured by the most relevant international celebrities and fashion magazines!

In Singapore, Martina found all she was trying to bring together: a vibrant nature with a highly international life style. Therefore, her choice of using Batik Tulis reflects the willingness of creating Italian design with the extremely beautiful fabrics Made in Asia.

Martina creates her unique pieces of collection as if they were real pieces of art, taking inspiration from the surroundings, and being respectful of our planet earth by exclusively choosing local and top quality organic cottons or upcycled denim.

Plastic is avoided in all the production process so that everything is 100% sustainable!

And to give her customers the best experience, she can customize each product: tailor made apparel, accessories and home décor are part of her incessant research and creation.

To book your slot, Call or Whatsapp on +65 85918547 or email