In January 2020 due to Covid-19 pandemic, Luca and I launched the AL.MA.LU Fashion Face Masks Collection.
We founded our collection upon three main pillars:
delivering quality products based on my Italian Fashion Design skills, using color and sparkle, but with a strong sustainable philosophy.

We met in Italy in 2018 and even If we come from two really different background we share the same vision. And this common vision have played an influential role in our design process. As well, we both agreed that our products had to be handmade by me in Singapore (the country where we currently live) to combine my unique Italian Design knowhow with local suppliers.
“Italian Design Made in Singapore”
Even If can seem crazy to combine a Fashion Designer with an Engineer our “partnership” (both in business and private life) has been challenging and wonderfully joyful from the start.

The AL.MA.LU Fashion Face Mask Collection we are offering has been thoughtfully detailed to include a combination of what we call our "evergreen classics" or masks that we can wear daily in every kind of occasions as well as exclusives styles that can’t be found anywhere else!

The Trademark "AL.MA.LU" was created by me and is the union of our family:

ALMA, our daughter


So for the many who are asking, this is the true meaning of AL.MA.LU!