Minime Tailor Made Outfit

SGD 150

Have you ever played with your mum's or grandma's shoes, make up and dresses trying to feel adult?

I still remember that when there was in our country house a room full of vintage custumes: pearl necklaces, vintage earrings, shoes with high heels and amazing big straw hats from the ‘50. 

...and feathers, there was a lot of peacock feathers...

I was always trying lots of different outfits only to pretend to be “a woman.

If I close my eyes, I can still feel the scent of dusty clothes and wooden beams, and I can remember my child face looking in vintage mirrors: my curly uncombed hair, the smudged lipstick and that deep feeling of looking like a woman!

At that time, mini me style was totally unknown.

In the last few years in the fashion industry, lots of brands are inspired by celebrities and started to produce “minime” collections to let children feel like their parents.

MINIME can be “copy and paste” and “look alike”.

Matchy-Matchy dressing, that I do personally prefer, may seem to contradict individuality for some people; instead I think it is celebrated more than ever before!

You just have to choose what more reflects more your personalities and have fun together.

Time goes fast: don’t be shy and play with your kids!

Choose one of our Batik Tulis and our Fashion Designer Martina Calabresi will suggest you the perfect design for you!

With more than 10 years of experience as celebrities fashion stylist, she is able to support you for every kind of occasion by suggesting the perfect outfit to be fashionable and comfy.

What are you waiting for?

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*price is based on fabric chosen, please notice that every Batik Tulis is a piece unique and its value is based on the complexity of the artwork!

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